A range of aftercare products are avaliable at the studio where you can take a look at our samples and see what works best for you

Please see below for a step by step guide on how to look after your new tattoo. For more in depth instructions please download the PDF by clicking the link below

1. How Long To Leave Wrapped

Keep your dressing on for a minimum of 4 hours and maximum of 24 hours unless specified by your artist.

2. Cleaning Your Tattoo

Clean your tattoo everyday with a clean hand, warm water and a fragrance free soap. Let it air dry or gently pat it dry with a clean towel. Showers are great but no sitting water.

3. Aftercare Products

Apply a thin layer of recommended aftercare cream using a clean hand 3-4 times a day. 

4. When To Cover Tattoo

Cover your new tattoo when in a dirty environment to help avoid infection. Allow skin to breath as much as possible.

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5. Clean Clothes And Bedding

Always use a clean towel whilst your tattoo is healing and allow it to air dry when possible. Keep clothes and bedding clean and fresh!

6. Avoid Standing Water

Avoid soaking your tattoo for at least a week i.e. baths, swimming, dishwater. Running water such as showers are perfect.

7. Avoid UV Rays

Avoid direct sunlight & sun beds for at least 2 weeks. Always use a strong sunblock to keep your tattoo at its best.

8. Do Not Pick Or Scratch

Please do not pick or scratch your tattoo whilst it is healing. This can cause trauma to the skin and lead to scarring and infection.

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We have aftercare available at the studio and we can also order in jewellery to suit your needs and place when you come back for your change down

Please see below for a step by step guide on how to look after your new piercing. For more in depth instructions please download the PDF by clicking the link below

1. Clean The Piercing Site

Use a saline solution or a piercing aftercare solution to clean your new piercing. Do this twice a day by using clean hands and applying it to a cotton bud then gently cleaning the area. If you have an oral piercing please use the saline solution or an alcohol free mouth wash to rinse your mouth twice a day.

2. Saline Solution

It is best to purchase a solution however if you do not you will need to make a new saline solution up every time you clean your piercing. You need 1/4 a tea spoon of sea salt only into a clean egg cup or shot glass of boiling water and allowing it to cool before you use it.

3. Do Not Push Or Twist

Do not push or twist your new jewellery. This can introduce new bacteria and any dirty or debris can scratch the piercing site. This will irritate the piercing site and hinder healing. Do not play with your jewellery!

4. Change Downs

After 2 weeks please book an appointment to come down to the studio so we can check the piercing and offer a free change down service if needed.

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